Lebanon as an offshore destination:

1 - Virtually no taxes and minimum bureaucratic procedures.

2 - Confidentiality: The Lebanese Government has no agreements with any third country about the possible disclosure of information regarding their offshore companies

3 - Solid banking sector that is conservatively regulated and which remained strong amidst the global financial crisis.


4- Bank secrecy law: stronger than Switzerland

5- The combination of a highly educated and professional workforce, coupled with lower living and operating costs, results in a high quality service at low operational costs.

6 - Lebanon will never become a member of the European Union and so, will never be subject to the strict banking-and tax laws of the E.U.

7 - It has its industry and trading activities, tourism (a large number of 5 stars hotels), port facilities and free zones, universities and a well educated and professional population.

8 - Lebanon is not far away. There are a lot of direct flights and a lot of possibilities with connecting flights.

9 - It is an excellent place to visit, to spend holidays and to own property. It has its beaches, the famous casino, a large range of high-class accommodation, high-class restaurants and clubs, theatres, shows and a treasure of archeological sites.