TradeCom based in Dubai works in the field of Supply and Implementation of Broadcasting Equipment. Our main work is focused on the Sales, Design and Implementation of TurnKey projects in the field of Satellite, Terrestrial TV & Radio Broadcasting Equipment. Together with its subsidiary InfoLink based in Lebanon since 1990, we offer Turnkey projects in the Region of the Middle East and Africa.

Our main suppliers are Manufacturers of TV and Radio Terrestrial Broadcasting Equipment namely, Elber, Eurotel, Siel, A.N.T, Andrew and Kathrein Manufacturers of a Full Range of Broadcasting Equipment. As for satellite broadcasting, our main suppliers are Radyne, Tiernan, Xicom and Andrew.


TradeCom is the designated Official Technical Support Office of Elber and Eurotel for the Middle East Region and Africa.


Through mutual collaboration we are able to Design, Integrate, Supply and Install the most cost effective solutions to satisfy our customers requirements.


TradeCom Customers include major Corporate and Government Organizations as well as International Companies.


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