Elber: Italian Leader Manufacturer of a full range of analog and digital microwave links for the Broadcasting industry.


Eurotel: Italian Leader Manufacturer of TV and FM High End Terrestrial Broadcasting Transmitters.


Kathrein: Manufacturer of antenna systems for the Broadcasting industry.


Siel: Manufacturer of a wide range of FM transmitters, exciters, RDS encoders, and stereo encoders.


Promax: Manufacturer of test instruments that provide testing solutions for cable, satellite and digital terrestrial television.


Xicom: Leader Manufacturer supplier of tube-based amplifiers, High Power Amplifiers (HPAs) which provide power levels vital to satellite communication applications, both traditional broadcast, the DTH, SNG and flyaway markets.


Tiernan: Manufacturer of a full line of High Definition and Standard Definition video encoders, video receivers, interface converters, and satellite audio broadcast equipment.


Comtech: coming soon


Radyne: Leader manufacturer specialized in satellite modems, DVB broadcast modulators and frequency converters.


A.N.T.: Manufacturer of broadcast Remote Control Managing and Monitoring systems.


Andrew: Manufacturer, and supplier of passive components such as cable, connectors, dishes, antennas, etc.


Tieline: Manufacturer of digital audio codecs allowing connectivity over wired and wireless networks (IP, 3G Cellular broadband, POTS, GSM, ISDN & X.21)


Axel: Manufacturer of wide range of equipment and systems for TV & Radio Broadcasting, Recording & Production Studio, ON-AIR Playout systems including Radio & TV management, advertising scheduling, logging, etc.


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